The Uplifting Tango Plus ~ Panache

By Ali Cudby

Panache’s Tango has been celebrating its 10th birthday this year by introducing Tango Luxe, a fancier sister to the balconette and plunge styles.  Having experienced the amazing lift and shape of Luxe, I was inspired to learn more.

Samantha Smith, Senior Designer at Panache was kind enough to answer a few questions, which have also whetted my appetite for the future of Tango Luxe.

1)  Panache could have done lots of things to commemorate 10 years of Tango – what was the inspiration for creating Luxe?

We decided to create Tango Luxe to mark the occasion and celebration of 10 years of the best-selling style from Panache. With this, we wanted retain the original fit of the Tango balconette, which is extremely popular and well-known, but add touches of indulgence and luxurious details to make it even more special.

2)  What are the new and exciting differences between Tango and Luxe?

We wanted to keep the same design and fit features, which are loved from the original Tango design, but give it a few special, modern touches such as satin trim and a diamante gore embellishment.


3)  Did anything change from the construction standpoint?

By retaining the fine rigid mesh with the iconic leaf design, we kept the exceptional fit of Tango and simply added touches of luxury. The built up satin front straps, in particular, add to the comfort of the piece and the satin cradle sits softly against the body.  With this, we knew that the core Tango customers would be pleased with the fit, lift and support – as it’s built on their favorite style!

4)  I’m excited for the new colorway in AW12 – any other plans for the future of Luxe?

Yes, we are looking at several exciting options for the future of Tango, including potentially removing the embroidery to offer an even smoother appearance under clothes. We are also experimenting with new embroideries, prints and patterns… and of course colors!


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