By Cristina Casciano-King 

As the Summer time approaches everyone is looking for that little beauty boost to take their legs from winter white to that summer glow. The legs which are covered from late october sometimes until MAY will finaly have their day in the sun but now without the sun -thanks to SunKiss Fake Tan Tights available exclusivly from TightsPlease.co.uk


The SunKiss Fake Tan Tights are a revolutionary idea, taking tights to evenly distribute the self tanner to your leg without areas being missed. Simply slip on the wet tights, (which is as tricky as this experience gets) rub the legs with the provided plastic gloves, and after 10 minutes of wear and 2hrs to “develop” and Ouila!


I personally hate self-tanner but this experience changed my mind. I will be buying these in bulk until I can get to the beach.The SunKiss Fake Tan Tights, take the mess, fuss and unevenness not to mention the unpredictability out of self-tanners.

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