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I spent a good portion of my career working for a robe and sleepwear company that was well ensconced in the Turkish terrycloth market.  I know a great deal about this business and have a special place  in my merchant heart for this loungewear category whose loudest applause is always around a holiday.  I have developed a fair share of bathrobes and given a plethora of them as gifts to friends and family over the years.  Always searching for the best of the best, I have been acutely aware of the Belgium born Pluto brand as the standard bearer of quality fabrics and interesting silhouettes.  I can only describe them as sumptuous, soft and very unique in their simple elegant designs.  They remind me of whom my mother was.  I can see her now on the divan in her bedroom quietly reading a novel while we begged her to let us watch the TV in her bedroom (the only one in the house) on a school night.  She could have been wearing one of these cotton terry lined pique robes to deliver her verdict. The answer was invariably no, but she said it with such quiet grace. inquiries:

“I Just Want What’s Best For You” ~ my mother

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  1. Liliana Mann says:

    Linea Intima in Canada just started to carry the Pluto line of sleepwear and robes and they are indeed a step above: the quality of the fabrics, the workmanship and the fit are second to none. The robes are indeed a great gift idea, they are fashionable, retro and very comfortable.

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