The Literary Woman ~ Intelligent Lingerie

By Morgan O’Neill

It may be strange to say this, but to me, a woman lounging somewhere – on a couch reading near the fire on a blustery winter night or perhaps, early in the evening while the light is still good under a tree on a breezy late spring day is sexy.  Maybe she is squirreled away in a library nook, alone, open book in hand, intently focused, oblivious to all else around her; legs akimbo.  Maybe she is there with tortoise shell eyeglasses on the bridge of her nose, or dangling by their stem between her teeth.  It is just plain sexy.  It’s a problem I have.  I know.  I admit it.

Thank God I don’t live in a time where the only media of consequence was the written word.  Wouldn’t that be ironic?   That would have been devastating! Everywhere I would turn there would be some woman reading or writing something.  It would have been too much for a young man to take.

You may argue  with me (that’s your issue), but if you do agree that a literary woman is sexy, just think how sexy a literary woman might be if you knew that beneath the erudite veneer is an intelligent beauty in provocative lingerie.  Shoot me now.  Even worse, put me out of my misery!  I couldn’t take it.  Think about it.

There she is legs askew and all that stuff, on the sofa reading about some sensitive macho, much too handsome swashbuckling hero about to sweep her off her feet.  She’s oblivious of you.  There you are, the nerd, fantasizing absurdly about how you chose what to wear before sitting down with Keats, Herrick, Walter Scott or Whitman.  Or what she slipped on to read Dr. Zhivago, Beach Music, Her Eyes Were Watching God or Sons and Lovers.  Imagine what you must cloak yourself in to face James Bond, Jack Reacher, Travis McGee, Achilles or Odysseus. We won’t even begin to try to imagine what a beautiful woman in love with literature would don to meet any King, evil or not, in any Shakespeare.

The long pervasive myth that the girls will make passes at men who wear glasses is no less appropriate than a woman reading a book is always worth a second look. Don’t know that one?  Cause, I made it up.  But, it’s true.


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