Les Queues de Sardine, cool or just strange?

By Cristina Casciano-King

Are they cool or just strange?

If you ever googled what are the coolest tights, chances are that the brand “Les Queues de Sardines” came up which makes me wonder are they cool, unique or just strange?

There is a fine line between cool, unique and strange. Something so cool and edgy can sometimes be just plain weird. The brand “Les Queues De Sardines” are the master of cool tights but are so very eccentric, they can make you feel uncomfortable. Adorned with printed patterns of funky twalls, hairy legs and eye balls are the tights powerful and can sometimes even be grotesque.

The Fall 11 collection was just that, sort of Disney’s Snow White meets the new film Snow White and the Huntsman. The severed limbs, the ax and the heart and the cute bear faces border on garish and sappy at the sametime.

colorful tightsThe Tights in the Spring 12 cross back over into cool, with bold American Indian prints, bright colorful splashes and simple feathers, think a Williamsburg Hipster crossed with Pocahontas. The Spring show how cool the printed patterned Tights can be different without being strange..

I love hate the patterns of “Les Queues de Sardines”, all of which of hand printed in limited quantities are exclusive to the brand and will definitely get you noticed.  I love the idea of being bold but worried the hairy legs and gun with holster patterns are just too cool for me…

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