A Male Perspective ~ Saxx Underwear Co.

By Luis Paredes

I’m a guy that works in the Lingerie industry. While that fact may elicit a round of high-fives from friends (who don’t work in the industry), it’s a job that I absolutely love and take incredibly seriously.

I publish the Lingerie Journal, the most popular online lingerie trade publication in the US. We cover all aspects of the industry including the occasional product review. I have a team of writers who take care of this. At the studio, we consistently receive samples and they go straight to the team. Needless to say, I’ve never written a product review for lingerie.

We have covered men’s wear in the past, but some of the samples I’ve received just weren’t my style and didn’t fit my lifestyle – I write all day about the lingerie industry and run at night.

So when Ellen approached me to write a review for Saxx Underwear Co., I said yes! I already knew of the company and was a fan.

I was first introduced to Saxx at CURVENY and they had a booth that spoke not only to the brand’s aesthetic but also to it’s emphasis on fit and comfort for men. The Saxx reps gave me some background on their product, specifically their Pro Elite Boxer Brief.

The highlight, to me, of the boxer brief was it’s two parallel polyester/spandex mesh panels. They offer a barrier between a man’s package and inner thigh. Comfortable and vitally important to a runner like me. Wearing ordinary boxers while running can be like, well…just imagine running with two puppies in a cardboard box for an hour. There’s going to be a lot of movement and bruising of your favorite pets if you’re not careful.

Imagery aside, Saxx really delivers.

The boxer briefs are comfortable and immediately give you a sense of protection. And, bonus, they look great. I always feel like a million-dollar athlete when I put them on.

That last tidbit is vitally important. Most men, me included, don’t put much thought into their underwear. But when we do and take the time and effort to find a undergarment that looks and fits great it inevitably makes us feel great. Something which women have always known and shared.

Most guys don’t share their thoughts on underwear with other guys. So I’ll do everyone a favor and share my opinion – get some Saxx boxer briefs, you’ll feel great, comfortable and protected

I’m looking at doing a Spartan Race soon and will be wearing my Saxx to up my chances of crossing the finish line. So follow me on @LuisParedesTLJ to keep up.


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  1. ken says:

    As Ellen’s brother I too am involved with the industry and I also have tried the Saxx brand at their request. Like Luis I work out virtually every day. Unlike Luis I am much older and much to my aging chagrin I have moved from briefs to boxers, from tight fit to loose fit. I like to say that I am now built for comfort, not for speed. The product I tried was surprisingly comfortable but over a long period the unique fit was also a little too snug. I would love to see the product evolve to a loose fit format. Not so loose that the proverbial puppies Luis mentions run amok, but a little looser to accommodate (and I hate to say it) an aging jock.

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