Celebrate In Style In Olympic Legwear

By Cristina Casciano-King

Gearing up to show your Patriotic Side, for the upcoming Olympic games in London or maybe you want to look festive for that annual 4th of July BBQ put away that Old Navy Flag tee-shirt and put on some tights. From House of Holland for Pretty Polly Brand and available in 3 great countries flags, The Stars and Stripes,  The Union Jack representing the United Kingdom and finally Support the Land down Under by flying the Australian Flag one leg at a time.

At first glance these tights seem a little difficult to pair with everyday clothes, and the material make you feel like you should be running the 50 meter dash-They are super cute under denim shorts, flirty red, white or blue striped dresses and delicate white eyelet dresses

These House of Holland for Pretty Polly have a printed pattern representing images of the flags, they come in one size typical of the House of Holland for Pretty Polly brand. The printed do distort slightly but are still very nationalistic. So put your legs out and cheer your team on!

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