Tights & Shorts Are Fun!

By Cristina Casciano-King

With the scorching hot weather we have been having here in Brooklyn, and the beyond its hard to even think about wearing tights, leggings or any sort of close fitting garment.

However, despite the heat wave people are still stepping out in Tights and Shorts. I personally love the look of tights and shorts. Any excuse to wear tights is good for me. The trend has caught on for the manufacturers as well. All the great brands are showcasing unique glimpses of patterns that hit below the hem line for an added peek with shorts.


Brands like Pretty Polly and their Faux garter sensation are favorites of reality stars like Jessica Ramono from Glam Fairy of New Jersey.


 Gaetano Cazzolo is also big on the trend,  my favorite are these eyelet inspired faux over the knee socks with attached bloomers

This style is perfect year round. The transition effect works well for Summer going into Fall and Winter going into Spring. So don’t pack those shorts away after Labor Day….check out these upcoming Fall Styles to pair with those shorts….


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