Mantyhose ~ Men In Tights

By Cristina Casciano-King

Mantyhose made a big splash for the American Metrosexual Male earlier this year in many publications like NY Magazine, The New York Times and even The Week. So were the men of NYC flocking to sites to snap up the latest trends showcased by these fashion forward publications?

Mantyhose are just like their female oriented counterparts, they are produced in sheer, patterned and even oiled to give the look of tan legs. The brand that is getting the most recognition for reintroducing Men to hosiery is Emilio Cavalli selling to men world wide and even creating a new formulation of materials and breathablity for there unisex collection tights. They are selling like crazy in countries like Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada, and even the USA.

Emilio Cavalli isn’t the only brand targeting men.  The world famous brand Spanx also has a line out for men, that helps with posture and flattens the tummy…They even have underwear that are said to create the “ultimate underwear experience”. The brand Gerbe has offered men’s hosiery for a while, but hasn’t strayed from the traditional nude selections.

 When I was in high school, the boys on the swim team would “borrow” the girls pantyhose to wear while practicing to get ready for big swim meets. But, I wouldn’t say they were getting ready to be the future metrosexuals of the world.

Men aren’t just wearing the mantyhose under their clothes to keep warm or to enhance circualtion. They have been spotted under shorts both with patterns and without. So who will we see sporting this fashion statement next; Ryan Gosling or Tom Cruise.


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  1. Rickie says:

    The deal is that people need to get use to seeing men in pantyhose or mantyhose which ever you wish to call them. I will not deny wearing them as I love wearing them and I refuse to stop wearing them. I see nothing wrong with it and doesn’t mean that the man is gay, crossdressing or whatever the critics want to tag it with. I would say it in some senses has come full circle as there is the thought of men wearing thights early on when Kings ruled the lands. Some how over time they became a item in womens wardrobe. But over time women stopped wearing them the funny thing is that those who have legs that are not attractive and still decided to not wearing them. Well now these makers have decided to turn a fetish of men into a profit? I see nothing wrong with it as men should be able to wear them and I think in the coming years more and more men will openly wear them as I do. So get use to it.

  2. james says:

    men wearing tights or pantyhose in whatever color is great. What irks me is men that wear to show all that gives us men a bad name as they say there’s a time and a place for everything those that wear as fashion post where you like ones that want to show all there’s sites for that to all my pictures are all G rated showing nothing but the fashion look

  3. james says:

    i wear pantyhose and tights no color or style is off limits to me the support the warmth the way my legs look when wearing plus more benifits i buy womens tights and pantyhose cause more variety of colors available and styles

  4. inhose says:

    It’s about time! Women have the luxury of choosing from a wide wardrobe. Men do not.

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