The Faux Garter Look…

By Cristina Casciano-King

. . . Or As They Say On The Other Side Of The Pond, The Suspender Look

With all the Olympic Hoopla dying down in merry Olde England.-One thing is still as hot as Micheal Phelps-The Faux Garter Look or as they say in England the Suspender Tight. This simple style takes a normal looking tight and adds a certain sauciness to it, by giving the illusion of garters clasping the stocking in place.

A trend that emerged about 2 years ago from The Pretty Polly Brand has transformed the Legwear trends again this fall. The “Super Suspender” Tight from the House of Holland for Pretty Polly took the trend to a whole new level…The uniqueness of the of this style has opened up the doors for a ton of new variations.

The Indie Brand from Denmark- Sneaky Fox took it one step further and took the trend of the bondage tight and added the garter clasp. Snap!.

These will be available from PeekBrooklyn in the middle of September…

Jonathan Aston, took the Super Suspender and made it a touch more elegant by adding lace to the knee cap and breaking up the solidness of the opaque lower leg.

My favorite ones are the are from Pretty Polly…The faux garters on the back with the red peeking out are hip and sexy.

The most unique of the the faux garter tights are from the brand Gaetano Cazzola,  not only are they alluring to the eye the peek of garter in a classic sense instead of a plain black line. The Polka Dots are safe enough to wear to a conservative office…and transition well into the evening…

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