Colorful Creations ~ Ladurée Macaroons

By Marina Rybak

Quite often we are actually nourished by our inspirations – we simply eat them. For instance, take a fig fruit, which is in season now, the Black Mission variety.  The contrast between purplish, fragile skin and moist, dark pink flesh practically invites you to start designing the concept on the plate.

Incidentally, I once read the guide to selecting a ripe fig, thinking I was reading a passage from the Kamasutra.

If I want to indulge in the entire color story, I treat myself to irresistible macaroons from Ladurée. La Maison Ladurée opened its doors in 1862 at 16 rue Royal in Paris. It emerged as one of the first fashionable tea salons in town with its interiors painted by Jules Chéret – a celebrated Belle Époque poster artist. 150 years later Ladurée has grown into a global institution with its signature edibles and non-edibles that can be found on many corners of the planet.

Its famed macaroon is a delicate confection with two crispy shells outside and a soft, smooth middle. It comes in an abundance of flavors. The range is created like a collection and new flavors are added each season. It includes the designer’s collaborations and Lanvin is the latest one. The array of colors is as important as the flavors. The assortment of macaroons can be read like a color card or a seasonal color palette with names like orange blossom, rose, blackcurrant violet, and chocolate passion.

You do not need to wait until your next visit to Paris (unless you are a purist) to surrender to these colorful creations. You can buy them online or at the one-year-old Ladurée shop in New York at 864 Madison. It’s already a popular destination, with lines extending into the street. I was thrilled to learn that a second store is on the horizon. Teatime lovers and pleasure seekers rejoice!  It is rumored that the biggest Ladurée tea salon is coming to Soho. I am already savoring the moment before it happens.


5 Discussion to this post

  1. Zuzana Snow says:

    Thank you for remind us the great time in Paris. Maison Laduree is one of my favorite gourmand place. Their colorful creation is always amazing 🙂

  2. Arlette Engel says:

    Your article took me on a little impromptu trip to the Champs-Elyées this morning where I have fond memories and photos of Ladurée. So nice to know there is another one coming to the City. I think it would be nice to meet you there and partake of this wonderful confection. I just love the way you write, Marina. Simply delicious!

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for another lovely tip! Since I live in Soho, I’m really looking forward to having a little piece of Paris in my neighborhood!

  4. Linda Stolow says:

    This is so beautiful, keep up the good work. Linda Joyce

  5. Steven Leszczynski Slowik says:

    Wonderful article Marina, I can’t wait to savor them next week in Paris !

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