Got Polka Dots?

By Cristina Casciano-King

It seems that every season leg wear everywhere are covered in Polka Dots. Whether they are teeny weeny ( Polka dot Bikini style! ) or extra large- season after season polka dots are the safe pattern for all.

The Dot craze bubbled up again with Falke in Fall 2011- they held strong through Spring and did so well that as Fall arrives Dots are now a permanent fixture of the Falke basics collection. So there is no sign of this trend’s bubble bursting.

Another brand that burst on the scene with Dots last fall was Commando, with their signature dig free waistband which my sister says is like “wearing a hug”  Commando’s JUMBO dots became the comfortable and creative way to wear the polka dot look.

This Fall (2012) there is no shortage of inspired polka dot looks. Pretty Polly has a beautiful pair of Polka Dot Tights with lace inserts – Giving a Pop to the normally opaque Polka Dot. Giving the Polka Dot Tight look a little romance.

House of Holland for Pretty Polly took the Polka Dot to the edgier side- The Reverse Polka Dot Tight are opaque black with sheer polka dots! They come in both a full tight and a faux over the knee- Boots and Bubbles anyone?

My favorite Polka Dot Tights of the season are from Betsy Johnston. These nude tights have hot pink polka dots. They make me think Gem and the Holograms.

Finally, Jonathan Aston – As always JA’s Polka Dots are both easy to wear and funky!

The Tease Tights are a simple polka dot with a lace panel insert to break up the nomal all over polka dot look. I think they look like sexy-shin guards.

Then our best selling Polka Dot of the season, the Siren. These Polka Dot tights are opaque on the inside of the leg with a medium dot on the outside. These are so easy to wear, they work with everything from a casual denim skirt to the little black dress…

Stock up now on some Polka Dot Tights, so you are spot on with fall fashion




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