Perfect Harmony ~ Nicole Miller

I am not a print person I never wear them, but I do love charismatic colors, intriguing patterns, texture and most of all art that makes me stop and think.  When I was in my 30’s, Nicole Miller‘s dynamic conversational prints exploded in the marketplace.  It was her ties that first captured my eye; slashes of storied silk that were a man’s passport from boring to bold.  There were so many ideas; it was a never ending cauldron of potential gifts, the standard male accessory transformed into a personal statement.  Her brand has certainly expanded since then and now with her emerging loungewear collection she has done it again. Nicole Miller’s designs are affordable art; soft, comfortable fabrics translated into colorful paintings and sculpted shapes that are easy to wear inside and out.

“One Should Either Be A Work Of Art,
Or Wear A Work Of Art”
~ Oscar Wilde


“Bridal Undervention”

by Aimee Guthinger

“Unwrapping Kimono’s Artistic Soul”
by Marina Rybak



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  1. Claude tr says:

    very nice model

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