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I love the city of Paris and tomorrow I fly there to attend the Salon De Lingerie.  It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it and lucky for me, I have had that privilege many times.  Yes, it’s a trade show, long days inside voluminous halls foraging for inspiration with little time for outside expeditions.  But still, it’s Paris, whose elegance and innate style have made it one of the most seductive venues in the world.  In this city, it is in the details, the ethereal light, the rich architecture, the renowned art, and the flowers blooming in shops even in January that arouse the imagination.  Things taste better, smell sweeter and feel calmer in Paris.  It’s a perfect setting for creative discovery.

Perhaps it is the timing of my trip, but when I saw the aptly named “From Paris with Love” collection delivering this month from Fleur’t Lingerie, I could not help drawing a parallel between this LA based sleepwear brand and the ethereal city of lights for which it is named.  Recognized for its rich color combinations, unique laces and soft knit fabric these styles have been specialty store favorites for over 12 years. Best described as casual glamour, they are classic and beautiful designs with an elusive “je ne sais quoi” that sets them apart from the competition.  Something about them demands attention.

“Paris Is Always A Good Idea” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Available At:

Basic Underneath: New Orleans, LA
Femme: Lafayette, LA
The Ritz Carlton: New Orleans, LA
Susan’s Bath & Body: Sodatna, AK
Fiamour Lingerie: Richmond, VA
Trousseau: Vienna, VA
Muse Intimates: Tulsa, OK
La Mode Lingerie: Houston, TX
Petticoat Fair: Austin, TX
Iris Lingerie: Brooklyn, NY
La Petite Coquette: New York City, NY
Journelle: New York City: NY
The Town Shop: New York City, NY
Petticoat Lane: New York City, NY
Inside The Armoire: Locust Valley, NY
Dusty Rose: New City, NY
Bonne Nuit: East Hampton, NY
Bloom Lingerie: Hingham, MA
Forty Winks: Cambridge, MA
Soleil Toile: Westport, CT
Fripperies: Mystic, CT
Bertha Church: Burlington, VT
Bellefleur Lingerie: Seattle, WA
Zovo Lingerie: Seattle, WA
Posh Lingerie: Tigard, OR
Underthings: Chicago, IL
G Boutique: Chicago, IL
Clair De Lune: Overand Park, KS
Give: Reno, NV
Ella’s Room: Jackson, WY
My Boudoir: San Francisco, CA
Romantiques: Los Gatos, CA
Charmelle 28: Burlingame, CA


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  1. Laurence Furic says:

    Wishing you a safe trip, and of course a lovely stay in the City of Lights! (and lingerie). I felt a pang of jealousy when reading your post, as I sometimes feel homesick especially in the middle of winter. I hope the weather will be nice for you there, and that your foraging will bring you lots of great and delicate discoveries for your readers to then enjoy!

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