Mirror Mirror On The Wall. . .

I Am The Fairest of Them All!

Struggling with body image is something that I’ve always felt I had to battle. It’s a war with my self and the mirror, a war with my clothes, a war with magazines.  In high school, I lost 76 pounds from healthy diet and exercise and never before had I been able to look in the mirror and truly find things that I found beautiful. Before, it was nothing but avoiding mirrors and dreading buying new clothes. It was nothing but comparing myself to the small petite girls that walked alongside me in their uniforms. I’m not petite  and I never will be. I’m a whopping 6 feet tall with hips that never seem to go away. I know I’ll never be petite, but before I lost all that weight, I felt like I would never really ever be anything but “fat”.

It’s now two years later and I’m still keeping off those pounds that, like any enemy of war, are always fighting and fighting and fighting. Even now, I want to lose more. I find problems in myself that no one else sees. Body image is difficult for someone who is almost 20. I’m still coming into myself, still finding out who the hell I even am. I really do love who I am, I love who I’ve become, but finding harmony with the mirror is still something that I’m battling. I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’m sure there are girls my age all over the world struggling to find a piece of themselves that isn’t judged harshly by the people around them.

My boyfriend tells me everyday that I’m beautiful, as do construction workers that I’m forced to walk by to get to the train. I just joined a local gym and hopefully that will help me completely believe them. There are so many things I can’t control, but getting in shape and eating well is mine. It’s all mine and no one can take that away.  So here is my goal, set before you so  at least I can say I have it in writing. I’m going to work out and eat well and stop stress eating and I’m going to put down my guards and make peace with the way I see myself. We are all beautiful, we are all fighting, and the best thing in the world is knowing that I’m not alone. I am going to practice feeling good about my body!

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