Mother’s Day Prep

By Ali Cudby

It’s that time of year, and planning Mother’s Day promotions for your lingerie store should be in full swing.  Yes – you may still be warding off the winter chill, but this is the time for gearing up for the year’s next big celebratory event.  One good way to consider the holiday is to think about your audience; by that, I mean MAMA.
In this case, MAMA means:


Materials.  Do you have the right inventory on hand, and in your pipeline for the coming weeks?   In addition to PJs, bed jackets and other lingerie items, this is a great time to stock up on easy, no-fit gifts like sachets, drawer liners and other goodies that are both Mom-appropriate and fit in with your overall store personality.  Don’t forget boxes, tissue paper and other wrapping essentials!

Audience.  In the coming weeks, you have new audiences to welcome.  In addition to your usual crowd, think in a few different directions.  You’ll be serving your customers’ husbands and children in their selections for Mom.  Customers will be selecting gifts for their Moms, as well.  All of these groups should be considered as you think through your materials and how you will welcome these gift buyers.

Message.  How are you planning to dress your windows with Mom friendly outfits?  Are you running any in-store promotions?  This is a great time to call your town’s newspaper, TV or radio station in an effort to pitch a story for local coverage.  Come up with something fun and unique to pique the interest of the news desk!

Assistance.  Now is the time to prep your staff for the holiday.  They can plant the seed with customers to get the selling started.  Upselling is a win-win – great for business, and for customers.  When you think ahead on their behalf, you save your customers time by helping them get an important job done while they are already in your store.

So get going, MAMAs everywhere!

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