Spring Surprise ~ Munki Munki

Munki Munki Reversible Hooded Terry Robe and matching Chemise on Lingerie BriefsI grew up in a religiously bi-partisan home.  My mother made sure that we had all the necessary exposure to our Jewish heritage but there were a few seasonal holidays she commandeered for the pure joy of a child’s vision.  I remember spring primarily for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt she organized and the Blue-Robe-Hood-from Munki Munki on Lingerie Briefselaborate egg dying preparation that it precipitated. There was always one egg, created personally by my mom, that when discovered, merited the finder a special prize.  Finding it in the fender of my parent’s green 1955 Pontiac station wagon remains one of my clearest childhood memories. The egg was painted with wiggly yellow and blue stripes, as if it had been tie dyed.  The satisfaction I felt when I came across that prize was worth a fortune.   Maybe it was a form of déjà vu but, when I saw this Munki Munki reversible terry cloth and tie dye cotton knit robe and chemise delivering this spring, I definitely had a visceral reaction. I think Munki Munki just might have laid their own golden egg.

“It Is Deeply Satisfying To Win A Prize. . . . .” ~E.B.White

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