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feather pens from Pylones on Lingerie Briefs

One of my all-time favorite stores is Pylones, a brand I first discovered in Paris eons ago when I happened into this shop exploding with color, fun ideas and lots of originality.  My first purchase was feather pens for everyone I could think of.  Now this iconic gift shop is in NYC and I pass it all the time traveling through Grand Central Station.  It’s Years later, but the pens are still there, even as ever new product continually emerges.

Timpa duet underwire demi bra on Lingerie Briefs

When I was in the city today, stopping to check out this week’s window display (they change it constantly) all I could think of were those color saturated pens and the Timpa Duet underwire demi-bra.  Strange you might think, but I was on my way into the Lingerie market.  Here’s a style that has been a key item in bra inventories for 20 years as a mainstay for that young, fun, flirty customer sizes 32 -38 A-C cups. Always available in up to 9 colors that are updated every season, this bra remains a standard in an ever changing assortment of intimate’s collections. When I passed by Pylones today, I could almost see the this Timpa bra merchandised in the window.

Pylones-window-display-on-Lingerie-Briefs“It’s Ok To Show Your Colors”
~Luis Guzman


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  1. Jeannie Emory - Owner Bra Genie says:

    Bra Genie staff love the Timpa demi. We can easily sell it to small busted women who have NEVER worn an unpadded bra. It’s so sexy! Beware, though, because the cups run small. The 32 C is perfect for that size and even 30 Ds.

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