Dogs In Pantyhose

By Cristina Casciano-King

First men in Tights, now Dogs in Tights.

Sounds crazy, but this in fact the latest K-9 craze from China.  Grab your Dog and put some pantyhose on it! Dogs, have for decades been dressed up like man’s best friend or in this case woman’s. Think dogs in coats and princess outfits- even those special shoes for when it snows…

Now they have to suffer through the growling (greulling) task of donning pantyhose. As if its not hard enough for humans to put them on without ripping, can you imagine getting them on a dog?

I think this dog, looks better then the cousin Beatrice at the Royal Wedding…Well if the hat fits!

If your canine friend is not into Opaque Tights, and prefers the more natural nude look. Go for the Signature style of another stylish Brit, the Duchess Kate. Just make sure that they are the correct nude for the dogs fur color.

Kate– Not a Dog

These nude pantyhose don’t work, and as you can see the Dog knows it.

This bitch would look much better in a sheer black pantyhose.

As we all do on a big night out

If you feel that your dog has more style, try something with a more style like a pattern or a texture. Even add shoes to add length to your pooch’s legs…

Of course you could just wear them yourself, all of the great styles worn on these model’s are available at of course….

NO Dogs were harmed during the publication of this blog, at least not physically!



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