Modern Vintage ~ Kiss Me Deadly

By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flash back – Jill St John and Kiss Me Deadly Rock the Petal Bra Silhouette


Flashforward: I don’t think you can talk about modern vintage inspired lingerie without thinking of Kiss Me Deadly. With everything from her images to her silhouettes oozing that timeless glamour and capturing the classic pinup silhouette her designs are also relevant in their functionality and use of modern materials that fit women’s lifestyles today. Her petal shaped bra above is so classic and yet so modern.

Flashback: Digging back I found this wonderful reference that KMD’s bra calls to mind, Jill St John wore this alluring sheer robe with black petal lace bra underneath in the 1963 romp “Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed”, perhaps setting the stage for KMD’s modern take.

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