Happy Birthday Cosabella

When my eldest daughter graduated from college she embarked on a classic rite of passage and departed with her best friend for a 6 week trip through Europe.  Having saved for this journey for months, they left with only backpacks and great expectations.  On a very tight budget, it was pretty obvious that souvenirs would have to be mostly in the mode of life forming memories.  So when she returned home with nothing but dirty laundry, some crumpled postcards and several pairs of Cosabella’s signature Soiré thongs, I should have been surprised.  For a cash challenged young woman, these were not the least expensive panties she could have found.  But she grew up exposed to my world; lingerie designers, sample rooms and shopping trips.  She was hooked early. So when I suggested that perhaps her money might have been spent more productively, she pushed back asserting that I had taught her to buy less, but buy the best.


That was 10 years ago and now at age 30, her taste has only grown even more discerning.  So when Cosabella launched the new Trenta collection to celebrate their 30th birthday, I knew that they already had a fan.   Trenta is a rich assortment of intimates that reflect this brands quest for satisfying young savvy women with an adventurous lifestyle. The thong, shown here with the cropped cami, is constructed with a single back seam in a very sheer lace, 6 years in development. One size fits all, it is available in a slew of colors.  My Dad always told us that character is defined by the age of 30.  These styles clarify that Cosabella knows who they are: savvy, sexy, sophisticated with a penchant for fun and a thirst for a colorful lifestyle.

“Teach Your Children Well”  ~Graham Nash


Available At:Trenta Thong and Cami

Rabat, San Francisco, CA
Panty Raid: Los Angeles, CA
Picket Fences: Los Angeles, CA
Zitomer: NYC, NY
Sugar Cookies: NYC, NY
Laina Jane:NYC, NY
Journelle: NYC, NY
Petticoat Lane: NYC, NY
Silk Worm: Essex, CT
Deborah Winthrop: Portsmouth, RI
Red Cat Melissiana: Taos, NM
Crescent Moon: Oklahoma City, OK
By Request: Fayetteville, AR
Soho Botique: Portland, OR
Jinjor Boutique: Olympia, WA
Comme Les Filles: Sun Valley, ID
Lace Silhouettes: Princeton, NJ
Le Soutien: Denver, CO
Ella’s Room: Jacksonhole: WY
Fife & Bootzie: Maui, HI
Barbara Silverman: Miami, FL
G Boutique: Chicago, IL
Allure Intimate Apparel: Mequon, WI
Harp’s Fine Lingerie: Birmingham, MI
Hush Intimate Apparel: Brighton, MI
Knickers of Hyde Park: Cincinatti, OH

“Lingerie Trends Inspire Spring Fashion”
by Margaret Shrum


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