Sharp and Casual ~ NOE Undergarments

By Rhea Cortado


For the months that I was a beach bum living out of a suitcase—and a bucket and clothesline was my wash/dry cycle—bikinis were my underwear. In the tropical heat, wearing anything structured or proper felt as ridiculous as walking in stilettos on the sandy waterline. Back on the mainland, I’m always searching for a way to hold onto the comfort and carefree attitude that a tied triangle top embodies and still feel put together to match my city game face.


Finding NOE Undergarments was like checking all the boxes off my list. It’s sort of like getting your favorite bikinis in expensive silk, add crisp color, flecks of shiny gold hardware, strategic cut-outs and a fashion edge. Without a stitch of lace or embroidery trim, its still pure femininity and personal, the way your most cherished lingerie makes you feel. NOE items should probably be hand-washed and hung to dry, so of course, fits right into my routine.

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  1. Lost in Lingerie says:

    I’m absolutely agree with you. NOE Undergarments made fantastic lingerie. Hope the brand will grow fast to international recognition !

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