All Tied Up ~ Knickerocker

By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flashback – Knickerocker Rocks The Classic Applique Bow


Remember my post about Trompe L’oeil in reference to Schiaperelli a while back? Here is a perfect example in both vintage and modern lingerie.  Bows that are not bows in function or really in any way other than “shape”.

Flashback: Classic 1930’s girdle from the McCord Museum’s archives features a gorgeous example of trompe l‘oeil applique in a pink satin on lighter pink ground.

Flashforward: Knickerocker’s edgy and vintage inspired stretch lace hi waist in lovely contrasting lace colors, plays up the applique and the cheeky attitude with the bows back placement. Styled in an uber-vintage pink bathroom its almost hard to tell its not a vintage piece!



3 Discussion to this post

  1. Layla says:

    Chris, you can message etsy sellers and sometimes they have leftover or alternative fabrics and will set up a custom listing for that item, worth a try! ESP sice they are so cute 😉

  2. Chris says:

    I love these, I looked on Knickerocker on Etsy, but they are not listed just now, I hope they do them again, I would have bought them in a heartbeat !

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      click through from the photo and you will get to the Etsy page where they were listed. You should be able to get them from there

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