Vintage Design Technique ~ Honeycooler Handmade

By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flashback – Honeycooler Makes Classic Lace Applique Techniques Modern


Flashback:  The foundation of applique techniques are rooted in stitching and cutting away. This Vintage slip would’ve been sewn and the lace appliqued and cut away before finishing touches like florets and straps were added.

Flashforward: This stunning work of layered appliques in the Geraldine Deco cami requires lots of precise stitching and cutting, leaving sheer panels within a gossamer tank, working together to create a stunning geometric pattern

I noticed a new trend I will highlight more in coming posts- there are more and more designers turning to classic or “vintage” techniques to set their designs apart. Techniques like applique have for the most part been relegated to the vintage vault or to exclusive luxury brands, mostly because they require a large amount of “needle work”. Unlike print or silhouette these techniques are not cost effective enough to be utilized in mass production so you see it in its most artful forms in luxury brands.

Applique takes on a whole new life when approached with simple and modern aesthetics of an indie brand. We saw an example with Knickerocker last week and now I’m bringing you a brand that exemplifies the trend, Honeycooler Handmade

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there even more stunning examples of how truly modern this technique can read if done correctly.

Flashback: One of the most classic applique designs in vintage pieces is the BOW, This lovely vintage slip via Slip of a Girl  has them circling the hem and higher on the leg.

Flashforward:  Pared down in the Doris Deco cami, Honeycooler Handmade creates a striking and graphic use of the classic bow applique through use of color and placement. By making it the focal point for the piece the “V” lace window directs your attention down to the bow below.



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