Color Rules! Claudette’s Dessous

By Ali Cudby

Claudette’s Dessous line became an instant hit the season it debuted, and has continued to grow its devoted following.  The line itself is relatively (and deceptively) simple – a sheer, stretch mesh, cut-and-sewn bra with a couple of matching bottoms.  What has set Dessous apart is equally simple:

Customers LOVE the colors.

The season Dessous launched, Claudette showed a series of neon colors, exactly when neon was getting attention as a fashion trend.  Seeing the line-up of electric purple, blue, green and pink drew buyers to the booth of the new brand.  The color story was similarly attractive to customers when the product hit store shelves.

From a merchandising perspective, having access to all of those colors at the same time is both eye catching and appealing for customers.

Of course, Claudette didn’t invent color merchandising.  It has been done successfully by numerous brands – Hanky Panky and Cosabella come to mind, as does Natori’s Josie line.  And there’s more to Claudette than some pretty colors.

Some of what makes Claudette stand out is their focus on fit, an expanded cup range – up to a (UK) G-cup, and a price point that’s easy on the pocketbook.  In combination with the color story, Dessous becomes an easy upsell.

Says Claudette President Robin Levitt, “We hear it over and again, that Claudette is a excellent volume driver based on price points and options – once a happy client gets the Dessous bra on, the majority return for more. They may wear it a day or two, get used to the feel of something different, then, they come back wanting more.  What else? What more? When is [the next color] available?”


Merchandising the colors together in the store is the key to selling that color story.  As Alison Rubke, owner of Faire Frou Frou in California told me:  “We merchandise Faire Frou Frou by color, so when a brand like Claudette comes along with such amazing, vibrant choices it makes the shop like a lingerie candy land! The customers really respond to the Dessous collection; not only is it well-priced but the pop of color makes for a fun detail to show off under a shirt (we’re always thinking lingerie as part of your outerwear).”



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