Femininity Unbound – Ellen von Unwerth at Staley-Wise

By Marina Rybak

The living is easy as the tip of the warmest season is coloring the horizon. But the summer time sizzle is at the boiling point and is spilling over at the Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho.

Playdate – a new exhibit by Ellen von Unwerth, an esteemed fashion photographer is on view through July 12.


Steeped in the erotic razzmatazz, fetish and fashion fairyland, the juicy mostly black and white images provoke and slightly dishevel the viewer. There is plenty of “the fun in the sun” and the joy rides to go around in these titillating assembly of the pageantry in disguise, variations on the state of undress and the sprinkle of sexy lingerie.

Notably, since the 90’s Ellen von Unwerth created some of the most iconic, sexiest images for the most prestigious fashion, pop culture publications and mega celebrities and brands. Her artistic voice has been influential in defining and shaping the narrative of the beauty and the femininity aesthetics.

There is an edgy, seductive mystery that unifies the selected photographs of the new exhibit. So as the summer is just about to rollover the hills, take the time to unravel it.

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