Ode to the Nightshirt ~ Eberjey


One of my first real product development successes was a series of cotton knit sleepshirts which I shamelessly admit were derivatives of both Benetton and Gap T-shirt styles I had mined during an NYC shopping excavation.  At the time the concept was considered revolutionary.  The lingerie market was a sea of pink and blue polyester.  Cotton  jersey knits in bright colors and bold prints were considered heresy.  It was 1985.  But we did it despite the push-back we received.  Business exploded.

Alas, the nightshirt faded from glory as chemises, babydolls and pjs began to dominate the sleepwear model.  But every cycle has its resurgence and being in front of the wave is a very smart move.  That’s why Eberjey’s success with the burgeoning sleepshirt trend is no surprise.  They did it with bralets, then rompers and now these easy, flowing rayon jersey shirt styles that are available in sizes S – L.  Not afraid of defying gravity, their business proves that their instincts are right.

“I Defy Gravity” ~Marilyn Monroe


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