Color Utopia of Pedro Almodóvar

By Marina Rybak


“A Conversation with Pedro Almodóvar”, The New York Times event placed a spotlight on the world-famous, critically acclaimed film director. Times Talks coincides with the release of Almodóvar’s new comedy, “Los Amantes Pasageros” or English version “I’m So Excited” which opens June 28 in the US.

Known as the greatest Spanish filmmaker since the legendary surrealist Luis Buñuel, Almodóvar chiseled his own pedestal on the world art cinema stage with unique and unconventional film genre of his own. A master mixer on the verge of the absurd, Pedro Almodóvar’s emotional, old Hollywood inspired melodramas and “slightly serious” comedies are imbued with kinky satire and tragedy, laced with humor.

His storytelling, amplified with the soulful, sultry sounds from the Iberian Peninsula is a visual feast with a lot of Style. The production design, the sets, the fashions, the colors, patterns, and textures are meticulously chosen with attention to detail.  They are a designers and decorators paradise.


His latest, literally airborne comedy is a throwback to his earlier films (Just to mention – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down is my favorite). Sexually potent, frivolous, light-hearted with thoughtful tone underneath, the film supposedly splits critics down the middle and sends some into the oblivion.

Frankly, I feel – “Who cares?”   I can’t wait to see this film. I love basking in Almodovar’s color utopia and I am ready to board this airplane any time.

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