Pure Comfort ~ Chantelle C Magnifique


Actually, I had intended to post a different story tonight, but my plans went awry today and instead I am having a glass of chardonnay and focusing on being in the moment.  It was one of those days when a 2 hour hiatus for chores turned into a 7 hour ordeal.  Besides being a designated chauffeur, I was on grandma duty that evolved from a one hour commitment into 4 hours of babysitting.  Then, when I finally went to the supermarket, I left without the two things I actually went there to buy.  Since one had to do with morning coffee and the other with a demanding cat, I was forced to return to the store.  Somehow lunch was never in the picture, so I was also a wee bit grouchy.

Being the Lingerie impresario that I am, the very first thing I thought of when I finally arrived home was that my bra was not bothering me at all.  This, as many of you probably know by now, is a pet peeve of mine so this intimate intelligence really resonated.  I was wearing C-Magnifique the new unlined, seamless, full cup bra from Chantelle that fits 32-44, C-H cups.  An innovative combination of a minimizer and a molded t-shirt bra, this style creates a great shape and is unbelievably comfortable . In fact, even after that glass of wine, I still have it on.

“Luxury Must Be Comfortable, Otherwise It Is Not Luxury” ~Coco Chanel


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