The Renaissance of Appliqué

Layla L’Obatti

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Putting together my last few posts it was hard not to see a distinct trend emerging, the revival of the appliqué. I think handmade brands like Honeycooler and Knickerocker (both coincidentally from California) are pioneering some of the most innovative and inventively playful design.  Then, I started to take note of more established luxury brands:  Carine Gilson and La Perla who have started incorporating shaped appliqued surface designs into recent collections albeit in safer florals and bows. Kaori’s Latex Dreams has some 3D appliques that are really eye catching.


Looking back and forward this is a trend I don’t see dying down soon, there is a connection to an earlier post I did onSchiaparelli and trompe l’oeil and there is so much more to be explored. Unlike the strappy trends made iconic by Bordelle, Marlies Dekkers, and many other Indies which are new interpretations and evolutions, the appliqué itself does not change in technique or construction but differentiates in imagery and theme. It is conversational more along the lines of Schiaperrelli’s trompe l’oeil



Would love to hear your thoughts on appliqué and if you’ve seen any other examples in other brands, leave a note

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