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BG LogoSubmitted by April Burch, Ph.D (aka Dr. Cleavage), Co-Owner of Great Barrington Bra & Girl in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Bra & Girl began as the “bottle of wine idea”. When I would come home from work as a Researchphoto Scientist bemoaning the challenges of grant funding and publication, my husband would say: “Tell me what you would do if you we’re not in science?”.  I would always say “I’d have a pretty little lingerie store where I could make everyone happy and life would be great!”  Looking past my unicorns and glitter, probably because of his business savvy and knowing the idea had legs, Dan, my husband and business partner, said he would help me formulate a business plan. He went to work and the Evil Pinky was born.


Evil Pinky, Inc., d/b/a Bra & Girl (wordplay on the phrase bar & grill) was founded in 2009. Fast fact, at the time, it was the only company in America with “evil” in its name. I liked that. Bra & Girl opened in June 2009 at 35 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, MA in the heart of the Berkshires. The clients who visit Bra & Girl are sophisticated and well-traveled. They know great product and appreciate concierge-style customer service. The Berkshires have been a great place to establish ourselves. Since 2009, Bra & Girl has twice been nominated by the Intima Group, the leading business-to-business trade organization in the intimate apparel industry, as one of the best boutiques in North America.


Our goal at Bra & Girl is to provide a fun and comfortable yet sophisticated shopping experience.  We are noted for our inviting atmosphere, dynamic & competitively-priced selection, and friendly, world-class customer service.  Our staff of professional bra fitters prides themselves on their product knowledge, patience, and attention to detail.
The moral of the Bra & Girl story is to follow your dream.  Although I did not have to leave science because of other local opportunities, I was empowered by my husband, our family, and our community, to explore my entrepreneurial aspirations. It has been so much more work than I expected, but I am grateful for all of the women we’ve had the chance to meet and help feel wonderful.

Great Barrington Bra & Girl is located at 35 Railroad Street, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230

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