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lingerieshoppeSubmitted by Brenda Meadows, owner
of The Lingerie Shoppe in Birmingham, AL

I had been involved in a lot of volunteer work when my children were young.  I supported two major groups with my time, raising money to sustain the Alabama Symphony and then with a local group to aid children with hearing disabilities.  I also did work with my church.  After years of volunteering, a good friend and I decided that we should look into having a business.

Interior of The Lingerie Shoppe, Birmingham AL
Mountain Brook Village is a wonderful place for shops that can offer service for everyday needs as well as wonderful, unique and special things for special occasions. The Lingerie Shoppe had been a part of our community since 1946 and in 1988, we learned it was for sale. It is a full service lingerie shop, including bras and bra fitting, sleepwear, loungewear, foundation, underwear and all associated items. My friend, Betty McMahon, and I decided this would be a great retail niche.  We had no business background, but we loved to shop and felt that our volunteer organization skills would serve us well.

The Lingerie Shoppe, Birmingham AL

We loved it from the outset.  Betty retired after ten years and I have continued to find The Lingerie Shoppe a crucial need in our community, and indeed regionally.  I look forward each day to going to work. I look at my business as meeting a woman’s most intimate needs.   I feel this as a responsibility and a privilege. It is wonderful for a woman to rejoice over feeling comfortable and more attractive in her clothes.  Our shop is a part of wonderful celebrations-weddings, new babies, special trips, anniversaries, birthdays, going to college, etc.  Sleepwear, robes and more at  The Lingerie Shoppe, Birmingham ALWe love for our customers to tell us that Christmas cannot come without our special gift wrapping under the tree.

We, of course, know the last 5 years have been difficult economically, but I have managed thus far, to keep wonderful, affordable, and special merchandise in the shop. I am grateful to wonderful customers for their patronage.



The Lingerie Shoppe is located at 2403 Montevallo Road in Mountain Brook Village, Birmingham, AL

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  1. Jennie Horn says:

    We at Second Base love The Lingerie Shoppe! What a fantastic business they have built.

  2. Pamela Sands says:

    Brenda Meadows is a delightful lady. I have worked with her for many years and she is a great business lady.

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