Halloween Leg Costumes

By Cristina Casciano-King

With Halloween approaching finding the perfect hosiery accent to your Halloween Costume leaves you with a ton of Leg Avenue Options, and for most that is the only brand people will consider to dress up as a sexy school girl, a sultry clown, or a foxy fairy tale character or even a sexy witch…

But, why should Halloween be the only time you take bold choices with your legwear? Why not refine the Stereotypical Sexy costumes, with a bit more sophisticated legwear and instead of vamp go for class.

Take this Sexy School Girl Outfit. . .

Pair this more subtle sexy school girl costume, with these

Pretty Polly Faux Over the Knee Sock Tights.

Feel like clowning around this Halloween, why not try a sultry clown. But, instead of going with just plain old red fishnets, why not try something a little more interesting.

Why not go spotty with these Pretty Polly Spotty Suspender Tights…Sexy and Sil

Not all Fairytale characters have to be so frisky, instead of taking a bit out the plain old black opaque thigh highs. Why not try something with a bit more crunch!

Like these Cosmic and Sparkly Tights from Pretty Polly

Finally, just feel like being a witch? You could go sexy or you could go standard creepy which with these cat-tastic cat tights! from Tabbisocks!


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