Bras That Celebrate Holiday Sparkle

By John Festa


The holiday season portends social gatherings and parties, all with a festive atmosphere. In fact, some events call for dress: festive. Now is the time to sparkle! Take this opportunity to celebrate a style of dress you might normally overlook. Think shiny, sheer, satiny.

wacoal-854191-strapless-bra-review-1 wacoal embrace lace

The start of any polished outfit is your underpinnings. A few staples that will facilitate your time to sparkle:


STRAPLESS BRA:  A strapless bra is an architectural marvel. It uses the very same elements. It must support something (your breast) that is away from its base (your body). This, as in architecture, is cantilever. But who cares. Here are some things to look for in a strapless:

Snug Band – some years back professionals would say buy a strapless bra one size smaller than you normally wear. This was prior to the modern way of thinking that the band provides most of the support. Thus, if you’re wearing a proper fitting bra, no need to go down a size for a strapless. Choose what you normally wear. Just be sure the band is snug. In a strapless bra, this is ALL of the support.

Foam Cup or Cut & Sew cup – My loyal readers will know I am a fan of cut & sew bras over foam-lined cups. But in the case of a strapless, additional support, as in a foam-lined cup, will only help the lift. Just be sure your body specs and the bras specs are in sync, like apex-to-apex, natural point placement, etc.

Proper Cup Fit – In this case, the cup that runneth over is not a good thing. Nor is any puckering in the fabric or space between cup edge and body, both indicating a cup that’s too big.


And now for one of my favorite garments which is immensely underrated:

LONGLINE BRA:  I love a long-line bra, especially in a strapless case, as it provides excellent support for the bust as well as delineating the bust line from the waist. Bringing attention to a waist, of any size, will always make you look thinner.


Length – the length of the bodice of a longline bra can vary. Some are just a few inches long below the underwire. Others can extend all the way down to cover the hipbones. The outfit is what will determine which is best. One may get a bump or bulge where the bra ends. If you’re wearing a knit or some such fitted garment, best to go long. If you’re wearing a fitted bodice/full skirt party dress, a shorter version will work perfectly.

A pretty longline bra looks fantastic under a sheer shirt, especially for those more modest and like the look of sheer but don’t want to run around in their underwear. More on sheer looks here

Lise Charmel

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate a little more glamour and beauty – starting with you! A perfect snowflake, your favorite Christmas ornament, Auld Lang Syne. All holiday magic.  Including you.

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