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iris-lingerie-logo-nSubmitted by Iris Clarke, owner of Iris Lingerie in Brooklyn, NY

I started working in a corset lingerie store when I was a teenager. While I was working there, I encountered a lot of challenges such as fitting bras and girdles. I then moved on to Bloomingdales in the 1980’s and worked along with buyers. During my nine years at Bloomingdales a company called Wacoal entered the scene, as well as LaPerla, Lejaby, Rigby &Peller and more. My next stop was at Le Mystѐre where I worked with bra design for 9 years. One of the bras happened to be the Tisha, a big showcase bra on the Oprah Winfrey Show.


Then I took a big leap and made the heartfelt decision to open my own shop. With all of my experience at working and interacting with numerous companies, I made it my life’s mission to give women of all shapes and sizes a proper fitting bra. For it all “Starts With the Right Foundation!”

400899_521524521207995_1302478683_n-mAnd from then on I have gotten sincere gratification from customers saying that I changed their lives. I have seen customers come in and feel an overwhelming magnitude of joy when I see their tears of happiness after they realize the changes that a bra can do for their bodies. And it makes me know that I have done what I’ve set out to do:  we can fit all women of all sizes. I love every minute of it! To this day I continue to give the best customer service that I can! I have also added two beautiful and professional Bra fitters to my staff.

iris-new-pic-2014-2-nWe are currently located next to a quaint little bridal store, Kimera, on Atlantic Ave between Hoyt and Bond. In Brooklyn NY. This relationship has been a boost to both of our businesses. We are always promoting each other’s services

Stores hours are: Tues-Sat 12: 7:pm Sunday, 12:pm. Closed on Monday.

(718) 422-1149,


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  1. Debra Bates says:

    Hi Iris, our stories are similar….love the look of your store and the partnering with the bridal store, I am looking for one also to come into my store. Would love to talk to you…email me.

  2. meriden and Jenn says:

    Hi Iris- what a great story and your experience and expertise is always appreciated- You tell it like it is and I’m sure your customers appreciate it! what a beautiful store and owner!

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