Squeeming With Joy!

By Kim Caldwell

Squeeming with Joy by Kim Caldwell hurray for lingerie

In a recent Hurray for Lingerie post I shared a popular undergarment option for brides: wearing a basic strapless bra and a Squeem. A what? A Squeem! There are quite a few shapewear options out there, but I’ve found very few that are as comfortable and as figure flattering as the Squeem “Perfect Waist” cincher. This rubber waist cincher is no joke. So, on a mission to see if it’s really all it’s cracked up to be… I asked someone else to try it 😉

Enter test subject (and good sport) Caitlyn Becker. Caitlyn is a producer and host on Huff Post LIVE (check out our on air debate on the health & style pros and cons of wearing thong underwear!) and a blushing bride to be. Before she headed to the famous Klienfeld bridal boutique in NYC, Caitlyn visited me at Linda’s for her bridal undergarments. When I suggested the Squeem as the ultimate shape shifter, I also admitted that it was not the sexiest of bridal lingerie. But without hesitation, Caitlyn wanted to give the Squeem a go. After all, most wedding guests see you with your dress on (hopefully) so your undergarments should help the dress look fantastic. You can always change into something else (read: sexier) for the wedding night.

We debated between two sizes and tried on both. Caitlyn, a determined woman and real trooper, chose the smaller size and even proved that with a little effort, she could fasten the Squeem herself. By the way, another Squeem client noted that the front facing hook and eyes were a real upgrade from trying to reach around the back in her vintage corsets and girdles.

Right away, Caitlyn could feel the difference while wearing the Squeem. But, did it really make a difference in her clothes? Check out this before and after:

Caitlyn with and without Squeem hurray for Lingerie

It may be hard to tell in her dark top, but in person, Caitlyn couldn’t believe the difference it made in her clothes… and her gown! That’s right. Caitlyn said yes to the dress while wearing a Squeem and she’s even been wearing it under her everyday outfits. I’ve helped many women with the Squeem before, and gotten rave and mixed reviews. Some women feel it’s too intense for everyday wear, but the same can be said of the oh-so-popular Spanx. But devotees to both types of shapewear declare the major difference that their shapewear makes in their shape, their wardrobe, and their confidence. Caitlyn answered a few of my burning questions about her newfound obsession:

KIM: How often do you wear your Squeem?

CAITLYN: About five times a week for the entire day!

Kim: Ok, be honest, is it comfortable to wear?

Caitlyn: It takes some getting used to and for the most part it is comfortable – the only issue is that sometimes between the top of the Squeem and a bra it can get a little irritating under the arms at the bra line.

Kim: Do you feel like this is something women can wear everyday?

Caitlyn: Yep!

Kim: How does the Squeem enhance or change your shape?

Caitlyn: It instantly cinches your waist and gives you smooth lines.

Kim: How does the Squeem make you feel – both physically and emotionally? Do you feel like wearing it improves your looks or your confidence – or both?

Caitlyn: My posture is much better when I am in my Squeem and I am not as self-conscious about my midsection.

Kim: Can people tell you’re wearing the Squeem? Does it show through your clothes? Do you admit you’re wearing it?

Caitlyn: I admit I’m wear my Squeem to girlfriends but sometimes I do worry that the lines where the hook and eye closures are will be visible through my shirt

Kim: What makes you say “hurray” about the Squeem?

Caitlyn: It makes it look like I lost 10lbs the minute I put it on!

Thiago Pasos, the VP of Marketing and Sales at Squeem (and a real part of the Squeem family) helped clarify a question I had about the Squeem’s ability to take off inches around the waist with consistent wear. I emailed him and asked if this was, indeed, correct. His response:

“You are correct. Wearing Squeem constantly will help you lose inches off of your waist. The secret is in the product’s signature compression and design, where with constant use your body will start acquiring the shape of the product. But the most important part here is that when wearing the product women look and feel so good that they tend to take better care of themselves. It’s actually a transformational thing. You tend to eat less, not only because of the product’s compression, but also because you are invested in this “new you.” All these things work together to create a higher level of self-esteem, which is the essence of the Squeem magic.”

No wonder they call it “magical lingerie”.

A big Thank You to Thiago for the title of this post (totally a phrase he used when we met last year) and to Caitlyn for being my Squeem model!

Have a question about the Squeem? Want to rant or rave about it? Send me a tweet @hurraykimmay and check out hurraykimmay.com for more people, places, products & projects that make you say “hurray!”


Kim “Kimmay” Caldwell

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