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livirae-gold-logo-1aSubmitted by Molly Hopkins & Cynthia Decker, co-owners of LiviRae Lingerie in Kennesaw, Georgia. “Cynthia and I met while working together in a lingerie store in Atlanta, Georgia a few years ago. That was really what started our friendship, our desire to help women. After some time at the lingerie store, we both became top sales producers and realized we had done everything that we felt we could do with what they had to offer. We realized that the shop we were working with really couldn’t help every type of woman, and there were more women out there who needed our help. Once we realized there were needs that were not being met, we decided it was time to start our own store and carry the products we wanted, making sure that every woman could find something that made her feel good. Our hearts were hurting for the women we had to turn away and we wanted to continue helping them in our own way! We left our jobs in 2006 and opened our own business, LiviRae Lingerie! We named the store after our two daughters, Olivia and Rainey, whom we hope will one day take over the store and be able to help and bra fit women like we do.”

LiviRae Lingerie is a place where women of all shapes and sizes can shop for gorgeous lingerie in a judgment free zone. One of our primary missions is to help women at any age, receive the proper education about bra fit! Carrying bra sizes from 28A – 50N, we created a place to fit everybody with every body! Our tag line says it all, “No Bust Too Big or Small, We Fit ‘Em All” …and we do just that!

Our shop is located in Kennesaw, Georgia and provides a lingerie experience that helps women feel confident and comfortable through their entire shopping experience. LiviRae Lingerie specializes in bra fitting, custom lingerie, plus size bras and specialty products such as augmentation and mastectomy bras.

Following our hit reality show, “Double Divas” that aired on the Lifetime network, our brand went from local to international in just a few months! With that growth, we decided to expand with it and find a way to offer our bra fitting expertise to women all over the world! With that, we created Virtual Fit! Virtual Fit uses Skype to bring the LiviRae Lingerie experience to women from the comforts of their own home. We give women a one-on-one bra fitting experience, similar to what they would receive in the store, and advise them on styles and products that will work for them.

We love what we do because of the difference that we are able to make in women’s lives every day. When you see a woman cry tears of joy because of the relief and happiness that she feels from putting on bra that fits the way it should, it makes everything worth it. We want to boost their confidence, relieve their pain, and make them feel beautiful, comfortable and sexy! We believe we have a God given talent to bra fit women, and we love nothing more than to use that talent every day, helping women who may not have anywhere else to turn. We always believed that when you have a mission, a certain mindset, and a heart for your passion, great things will happen.




LiviRae is located at: 440 Ernest Barrett Pkwy Suite #31, Kennesaw, Georgia 30144.

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