Moon & Venus Introduces PURE Seamless: Part 1 “HEY, STELLA !”…

…Satorial Muse Turns The Heat On

Following the inspiration’s trajectory a new design concept is developed.

A Star was born when a Method actor, a relative newcomer fired off “Hey, Stella-a-a!” in the 1951’s acclaimed film adaptation of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, the renowned play by Tennessee Williams. Marlon Brando’s emotionally raw portrayal of Stanley Kowalski was not only a milestone achievement in cinematic history, it was a landmark moment with a sartorial flare.marlon

While hailed as the screen’s “most forceful presence”, his torn T-shirt clad persona, reeking of sweat and “brutish desire”, shocked and aroused the audience. The steamy appearance of Brando in sullied white tank, dripping with untamed male sensuality, is embedded in our pop culture psyche.

Known as a tank top since the late sixties, regardless of it’s “wife beater” connotation, the undershirt staple of the proletariat stepped out of its own rebellious shadow into stardom-level pantheon of fashion icons.

Ever since then every celebrity hunk and Hollywood heartthrob whose inner fire was captured in the tank top, particularly the white one, has been tempting us with his super-sized masculinity. The image is a feast for the eyes and for the senses.


Moon & Venus introduces PURE Seamless. 

Marina Rybak ventured to create a knitwear concept first and in the process imagined and redefined a basic. Guided by her distinct vision and the passion to share it, PURE Seamless bridges the finest workmanship and state-of-the-art seamless technology.

Part 2: “LACE ME UP! LACE ME DOWN!…” coming soon.

Marina will continue to share her inspiration about how PURE Seamless was created.

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