PURE Seamless Intro: Part 2 ~ Lace Me Up! Lace Me Down! A CORSET

by Marina Rybak ~ Moon & Venus


Enveloped in its own controversies, the corset has been holding its firm grip on the feminine principle for half of the millennium. Its original function was to emphasize a slender waist, perceived as a sign of great feminine beauty. It was viewed as a status symbol of the elite, whose ability to be restrained in such a manner was associated with being virtuous and privileged.








When exposed, the corset exhibited an extravagance afforded by the wealthy. At times it was a reflection of vanity and female competitiveness. The flirtatious act of unlacing through the holes was charged with the power of suggestion and was a prelude to a sexual act, coquettishly implying intercourse. The concept of being comfortable in one’s body was nonexistent.



Nowadays, whether considered an anachronism and relic of the past by some accounts or a potent fetish and lasting fashion phenomenon by others, the corset’s unfading myth eclipses the ages. We still wrestle with and surrender to the need to “keep the form”. Though the thought of comfort above all is a powerful thought to be reckoned with, the intimate character of the corset’s aesthetic and erotic allure of the body-mapping endures.










This was Part 2 of the Moon & Venus ~
PURE Seamless introduction…

Marina Rybak ventured to create a knitwear concept first and in the process imagined and redefined a basic. Guided by her distinct vision and the passion to share it, PURE Seamless bridges the finest workmanship and state-of-the-art seamless technology.

Part 3… YOURS NATURALLY – PURE Seamless by MOON & VENUS Coming Next Week!

Marina will reveal the PURE Seamless collection and share more about her inspiration about how PURE Seamless was created.


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    Very inspiring as always.

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