The Sumptuous Bride ~ Empreinte Lingerie


Sumptuous.  That is the one word that best articulates the Empreinte bridal bras. Exquisite details on tinted white, they are simultaneously light and luscious.  Beautifully executed for the fuller busted woman, these are works of art worthy of underpinning any wedding dress.






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  1. I myself am a fashion designer. I am working towards beginning our fashion design line at a prestigious level. I have been asked, do you do lingerie. I tell them, not exactly. When the lady thong Panty was made, it like, the lingerie industry had already gone to the woman’s final frontier. I have only designed about three designs but as I tell myself, everything has been done already. Lingerie is a weird but interesting form of art. The truth is that it is only for certain women. Basically, very much for the light skin female. Beautiful lingerie doe NOT go with the Colored or black female. If you notice, the sheer sliky softness of the fabrics whether the Panty, bra girdle etc., if you notice the beauty of the soft color of a white female’s skin with this type of lingerie. It is very lovely♥♥ Notice on how the flowers look like…as if they were on a cake and sweet. It does look lovely though. Sincerely Perfecto Rossellini Stilista di Moda(fashion designer)♀

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      I must disagree with you. There are some gorgeous pieces that are spectacular on women of color. I have seen them modeled. Elegant and dynamic, the soft tones make a dynamic statement against dark skin. It’s not just about blending in.

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