Chantelle ~ Changing the Game with Revolutionary High-impact Sports Bra

Featuring brilliant design elements that address the specific needs of active women with full busts, Chantelle’s new sports bra fulfills every point that makes a great bra: form, function and style.

The new sports bra features a molded shape that minimizes bounce, providing secure breast support and full containment, without compression. Its padded wire casing and soft padding provides a defined, lifted shape preventing the dreaded “uniboob” look. Wide adjustable straps provide custom fit, support and comfort, and is made with a light and sturdy microfiber material that wicks away moisture and speeds drying.

Designed for high impact sports like running, tennis, and horseback riding, the Chantelle sports bra is offered in a wide variety of sizes (Sizes: 30-42 Band, C to H cup) and is a must have for the active woman’s lingerie wardrobe.



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