Voeux de Mariage ~ Cadolle Paris


When my sister in law was married in Paris a few years ago, albeit a very intimate party, there was something somewhat “Je ne sais quoi” about the whole affair.  It’s that French chic that permeates most everything one sees in this elegant city.  No lingerie design house possesses this style more then the venerable Cadolle. Every detail; stitch, ribbon, fagoting, embroidery, fabric, boning and lace reminds me who is the Queen of Corsetry, bar none. Imagine a wedding inspired by the elegance that is Maison Cadolle.





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  1. charlotte Cave says:

    Seems corsets are really making a comeback. Do you think it’s because they are so much prettier than shapewear?
    PS I always think that the story of Spanx – her cutting panty hose – was such a marketing hoax. Heck, we wore panty girdles way back when. Having said that, looks who is worth a billion dollars! Guess you need a story.

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