Holiday Wedding Gold



I once attended a wedding during the holiday season hosted by the uber wealthy brother of a friend of mine. I was overwhelmed by the level of opulence and frankly a bit distraught at the no holds barred obvious expense: 27 piece orchestra, 12 full grown lit up fir trees surrounding the dance floor and so many white orchids enveloping the chapel and the dinner tables that I expressed my disdain to my father, who was also a guest. His response, as insightful as always, was to be thankful for the sheer number of people who were employed in order to produce the affair. If you are going to make a statement during the height of a festive season, then do it bold.  It was a wedding after all. And let’s not forget that it is during the holiday season that the greatest number of engagements are made; a perfect excuse for luxury lingerie gifts.










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  1. Robin M says:

    Thank you!

  2. Robin M. says:

    Please add photo/item/brand/store credits. It will save people time from Google image searching to match. Always displaying credits of course helps the people “who were employed in order to produce the affair”.
    Thank you.

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      If you mouse over the photos you will see the credits where I was able to identify. Please let me know if this helps

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