Deep Diving With Commando® Swim


Diving is a big sport down here in Cabo San Lucas.  I for one, have a whole hearted respect for the ocean, but going down that deep searching for the unknown evokes a feeling somewhat like the worry I had as a child, afraid to look under the bed after dark. Snorkeling is about as far under as I intend to go. True the rewards can be spellbinding, but I am staying near the surface. Either way, the swimsuit one wears matters, comfort first and foremost, utility for sure and gorgeous style as you emerge from the water.  That’s why I chose the Deep Dive  Swimsuit from Commando®  for this expose. Not only does it embody the signature Commando® fabric, prints and laser cut edges to guarantee easy fit, it is completely Reversible. Sexy, with a fabulous design sense, this is not your mother’s bathing suit. No wonder its a runaway best seller for this wholly Made in the USA brand.



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