Water Garments ~ NOE Swimwear


Several years ago, I was introduced to NOE Undergarments via an industry writer friend of mine based on the West Coast. Designed in Laguna Beach and Hanalei Hawaii, this is a lifestyle brand whose mission is to offer “creatively unique, progressive and expressive pieces”. Now, they have expanded their reach into the swimwear market with the launch of Water Garments,  a collection of unorthodox shapes that appeal to a growing market of modern women who understand investment dressing. Perpetuating the growing trend of layering, these pieces function in the water as well as integrated into an everyday wardrobe. Engineered in Italian Sensitive® Fabrics with the latest Xtra Life LYCRA® technology that enables a 50% lighter hand, they feel and look like a second skin. I was immediately taken by the innovative use of silhouette, each item underscored with the NOE signature yellow lining peaking around the edges of simplicity.








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