Wrapped in Glamour – Dressing Gowns & Feather-Trimmed Robes


untitled-12Catherine D’Lish worn by Dita Von Tisse

There are robes that we mere mortals wear, and then there are robes that the likes of Dita von Teese, Jean Harlow and Loretta Young wear (or wore).  As you will see, the two are worlds apart!  Of course the focus of today’s post are the glamorous satin and feather-trimmed robes of yesteryear along with some striking vintage-inspired styles that are available today.  It’s ironic that the dressing gowns these ladies wore in the privacy of their home rivaled the decadence of the clothes they wore out!   The common theme in all of these designs is the pairing of luxurious materials, and I have extra love for anything with feather trim.  It is wonderful that contemporary designers/brands such as Catherine D’Lish, Gilda & Pearl, Emerald and Palm, and Betty Blue’s so perfectly channel the sophistication of Old Hollywood in their work.  It’s never been easier to channel your inner glamour girl!

Jean Harlow on Lingerie BriefsJean Harlow

lingeriebriefs_lorettayoung_carrollbakeraLoretta Young and Carroll Baker

lingeriebriefs_catherinedlishaCatherine D’Lish

lingeriebriefs_bettybluesBetty Blue’s

lingeriebriefs_vintagedressinggownaVintage Dressing Gown (unknown)

lingeriebriefs_mosh_dlishCatherine D’Lish worn by Mosh

lingeriebriefs_shirleyrossShirley Ross

lingeriebriefs_gildapearlaGilda and Pearl

lingeriebriefs_lorettayoungaLoretta Young

lingeriebriefs_emeraldandpalm1Emerald and Palm

lingeriebriefs_emeraldandpalmaEmerald and Palm

lingeriebriefs_secretsinlace_vivienleighSecrets In Lace and Vivien Leigh

lingeriebriefs_carygrantEven Cary Grant Got Caught Up In The Trend!


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