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I recently attended a workshop for a fascinating new concept called Fashion Feng Shui.  At the heart of this practice you learn why you purchase the clothes you purchase, why you purchase certain items and never wear them, and you learn which fashion element best represents your true style and how to use that element to select future fashion purchases.  That’s basically the super abbreviated version of what Fashion Feng Shui is all about, and I couldn’t help but think of how it applies to the brands I feature here on Lingerie Briefs (and if you’re interested in learning about the full concept, visit The Life Styled).  Without going into detail about all 5 elements, the element I best represent is Metal, which means I am drawn toward luxurious and/or high quality brands that are structured and typically free from patterns.  It makes perfect sense when I think back on so many of my favorite brands.  It also explains why I was drawn toward the label Corporelle.

Corporelle is a niche brand of intimate apparel founded by Russian art critic Ksenia Rechenskaya and French artist Jacques Rousseaux.   The collections center around designs that equal in comfort and sensuality, and aim to revive the lost art of intimates manufacturing in Saint Petersburg, Russia (which was once the historical center of the lingerie industry during the Imperial Era).  All of its fine fabrics are sourced from France resulting in styles that are simple yet incredibly sensual.  It is evident that the creative forces behind Corporelle want to inject the erotic into the everyday.  This is apparent once you see their most recent look book images, and even more apparent when you take a look at their art-filled Instagram.

The following images are from their most recent collection, which should hopefully start popping up in boutiques worldwide this year!

Corporelle Lingerie On Lingerie Briefs

Corporelle Lingerie On Lingerie Briefs

The Sun was Shining at Surf Expo Although swimwear isn’t on most people’s minds in the middle of January, that’s exactly what I was thinking about when I attended the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida last week. The trade show that caters to the Surf industry is attended by a variety of swimwear manufacturers and they were eager to unveil the latest styles delivering March and into the summer months. Models stepped out onto the catwalk with a show of confidence and celebration for styles that the industry carefully introduced the year prior. While 2016 had only tentatively stuck in its pinky toe into the uncertain waters of high necklines and high waists, 2017 is diving into their depths with fortitude. We have discovered that a high neckline adds length to the torso and in doing so, achieves a slimming appearance. Meanwhile, nostalgic cuts of high waist bottoms offer an air of sophistication, while conveniently concealing any evidence of savory overindulgences acquired during the recent holidays. Our desire to look good has surpassed any concern over the possibility of the awkward tan lines that these styles might accidently provide and thus, designers are now free to express themselves without creative limitations. Cut outs, monokinis, straps and extra strings abound. Textured fabrics play an important role, not only in lace and mesh overlays, but in three-dimensional fabrics as well. Ruffles and intricate embroidery offer their romantic influences, particularly on full piece swimsuits, which continue to become more prevalent in most brands. The color palette is saturated with shades of denim blue, cobalt blue and aqua. A variety of warmer hues of oranges, yellows and nudes also thrive. An inclination towards solid and tonal colors is common while in prints, rich floral designs particularly of Asian or African influence pop against black or white backgrounds. Rose gold enriches and embellishes and working zippers are plentiful. Fringe and tassels provide movement and a sense of freedom and lightheartedness. The swimwear industry’s New Year’s Resolution has been spoken with confidence and conviction. 2017 promises to make every women step into the sun with the same confidence and glamour that graced the catwalks at this January’s Surf Expo. by Kimberly Berger of Lion’s Lair Boutique




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