Behind the Scenes Audio Interview with CURVE’s Meghan Murray Cox

Meghan Murray Cox, the Senior Buyers & New Business Development Manager for CURVE shares a glimpse into her busy world with Deedee. Her many hats include assisting both buyers attending Curve lingerie trade shows as well as exhibitors who showcase their lingerie brands in the global hub. Megan talks about why trade shows are here to stay due to the importance of personal interaction between vendors and the buyer’s desire for tangibility. She is excited for the upcoming CURVE shows in both New York and Las Vegas which promise to be fun and enlightening. Take a listen below to her informative and interesting interview…

Listen to Deedee’s interview with MEGHAN MURRAY COX

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Deedee’s love and knowledge of lingerie, her passion for storytelling and connecting with people through podcasts and video can also be seen and heard at The Lingerie Stories.

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