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Scantilly Peek-a-boo bra on Lingerie Briefs

Scantilly is one of those brands that seems to cross age, size and shape boundaries. Now that they’re carried in a local lingerie store in my area, more and more of my friends have been picking them up. I’ve been amazed at the variety of people who seem to love the brand, from my 40 year old friend who works in advertising and has become a visible bra strap convert to my vintage fashion loving friends. Scantilly’s strong point of view also allows lots of women to embrace their products, whether they are surreptitiously layering it under their outfits or wearing it as bondage inspired fashion. Even I am not immune: I had the distinct pleasure of being able to buy a Scantilly set in a boutique a few blocks away from my home last year, which was one of the highlights of my lingerie experiences that year.

Scantilly Surrender bra on Lingerie Briefs

Scantilly has been successful, both locally and globally, because they carry products that are incredibly high quality as well as products that work for a wide range of sizes and shapes. I have a size 22 friend who lives in her Knockout Plunge, but I also have friends who wear core sizes who spend a lot of time in the various half cup models. While Scantilly is priced higher than it’s sister brand Curvy Kate, it also looks and feels far more expensive than it is. This makes it an easy splurge for someone looking for something just a little bit more out of the box.

Scantilly Knock out Bra and Brief on Lingerie Briefs

Even though Scantilly’s branding is based around sexiness, I love that they don’t define what that looks like in terms of silhouette or materials as strictly as some brands. The Entwine Plunge Bra has fairly high amounts of coverage, while other options like the Unleash Half Cup take a classic bra cut and update it with a faux leather look to create something completely new. As the store assistant said to me when I went in to try on the brand, buying a Scantilly set is mostly about deciding what part of your body you want to show off rather than being forced into one set of options. This kind of choice helps a wide variety of women find their idea of sexy within the brand.

Scantilly Lingerie for Curvy Girls on Lingerie Briefs

By developing a line of sexy lingerie that offers a large size range and a lot of style choice, Scantilly has created a brand that doesn’t have a duplicate in the current market. This makes the line great for retailers but also wonderful for customers who are experimenting with lingerie beyond the everyday.

Scantilly Lingerie by Curvy Kate for plus size girls on Lingerie Briefs

Scantilly Lingerie for Plus sizes on Lingerie Briefs


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