Freya Fancies ~ Mix & Match Basics


Freya Fancies black underwire plunge cup bra & Brazilian panty on Lingerie Briefs

When I was a teenager, going bra shopping was torturous. I was a G cup by the time I was in high school, which meant that finding bras required a special (and frequently humiliating) trip to Nordstrom. I loved seeing all of the pretty options in the lingerie department, but that was never what I got. While I drooled over pretty laces and bows, my mother and the fitter decided that I should be put in full coverage beige t-shirt bras. While it was clear there were lots of possibilities for other people who wanted lingerie that fit and was pretty, they didn’t seem to apply to me.

Lingerie has changed a lot since I was in school, and all for the better. One of the new lines that really emphasizes this is the Freya Fancies, which started as a mix and match panty program and has now greatly expanded. The line focuses on pretty lace basics and includes everything from basic underwired bras to bralettes and slips. Continuity colors are carried but brighter options are also available, you can mix and match pieces with other lingerie that you already own.

Freya Fancies Padded Underwire half cup bra on Lingerie Briefs

What makes this collection particularly special is that while it is basic, it certainly isn’t boring. The laces used are soft and high quality. The wires in the bras are supportive and light, ensuring that each bra feels as good as it looks. The lounge pieces are soft but still provide support and include the option of a chemise that can double as a slip. All of this combines to make a collection that is the perfect starter set of lingerie for a wide range of women, from teenagers to retirees.Freya Fancies Red long line bra on Lingerie Briefs

Part of what is perfect about this collection is that it isn’t trying to make a statement: instead, it’s designed to support and accent the rest of your lingerie drawer. It’s the perfect white t-shirt of lingerie – and we all know how hard that can be to find. I hope that now, when someone like teenage me goes to get fitted at a store, they’re put in something like this line rather than a bra that feels like beige armor. Good basics can be a wonderful stepping stone to delving into the wide world of lingerie, so I’m thrilled to see that Freya is committed to the Fancies collection and to what it can be.




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